About Us

Better Learning Experiences is a non-profit company that innovates, designs, and delivers individualized, targeted, research-based professional development in K-12, undergraduate, and professional school settings. 

How It Works

Better Learning Experiences engages with each client organization to explore and identify their key and unique needs and challenges. Better Learning Experiences consultants are selected and specifically aligned to each engagement based on their areas of expertise. Team members architect and implement targeted professional development programs, coaching, and initiatives specific to each institution, delivering it in the organization’s preferred format (in-person or online workshops, recorded video, online courses created just for your team, etc.). 

No two professional developments are the same, because no two institutions are the same. Professional development should be highly individualized, and this is what BLE can offer.

Values of Better Learning Experiences

Empowering educators at all levels of education to feel confident in their ability to:

Innovate, plan, and deliver highly effective, highly engaging learning

Create fair assessments that promote critical thinking and knowledge application

Stimulate student reflection to impact and improve learner outcomes 

Delivering high quality professional development to underserved populations 

Fostering student engagement and curiosity to create lifelong learners 

How We are Different

Better Learning Experiences provides consultation and highly targeted content to address individual needs of every institution we work with. 

Better Learning Experiences has an accomplished team of award-winning educators offering “education to educators”. 

Better Learning Experiences consultants have a wide variety of professional backgrounds allowing and preparing us to provide expertise across the spectrum of education.

As an entrepreneurial-driven non-profit, Better Learning Experiences is focused on one core objective:  Our client’s innovation in skill development to drive impact and learner outcomes.  We focus on what matters most to you.

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